Gmail Not Working On Android: How To Fix It?

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One of the common Gmail problems is Gmail Keeps Crashing, Therefore today’s blog is going to be all about how to troubleshoot this common Google Mail issue, and why it occurs usually. Mostly, you may face this issue with the Gmail app when trying to access it on your mobile device. It makes your Gmail not working on your android device. Whenever you may have this error on your android device, you may get the error message that may look something like “Gmail stopped working”.

Firstly, you should know the reason behind having the issue. Then, I will tell you the trick to fix it in the most convenient way.

Reasons For The Problem

Every app on your Android device needs some space to run properly. If the app may not find the required space, then, that may not work on your device properly. And, you may face the crashing issue. Mind it that, whatever you download on your Android, needs two types of empty spaces. The first one is used to store the app on your device, and the second one is used to run the app.

An app like Gmail may store some data in your phone background. Excess of it may lead to the lack of required space to run the app.
Sometimes, some other apps utilizing more memory may also be the reason for the issue.

Some virus attacks on your phone may also be responsible for having such a problem.
Sometimes, if someone is trying to hack your android device, then also, you may have this problem. Today, hackers can hack your Smartphones too.
If you have not updated your app for a long time, then also, you may have this glitch anytime.

How To Resolve Gmail Not Working Issue?

The very first method that you should consider, is to clear your app cache and cookies on your Smartphone.
The second trick is to force stop the app from the setting section, and then, try to open it again
After that, you have to update your app, if the previous steps could not help you.
If none of the above methods could work for you, then, scan your device, and remove all corrupted files, and viruses.
If all the above attempts could not fix the issue, then, it may possible that someone may have hacked your Smartphone, or maybe trying to do so. In that case, contact any technical expert, or the ethical hacker.


However, the above tricks may work well to fix the issue, but nothing can be taken as guaranteed in the world of technology. The thing that can work well on time, may not work well at other times. So, the solutions given here, could not work for you, then dial the toll-free Gmail Customer support number, and ask them to help you. They may help you against all the issues that may be causing Gmail not working. Just listen carefully to what they instruct you, and follow the same way.

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