Know-How To Unblock Someone On Gmail

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In our Google Account, We generally block all those email addresses from where we get excess of nonsense emails. After the blocking, you may never get any Gmail Messages from them, no matter how so important the message may be. But, later, for some of them, we may realize that we should not have done it. But, the problem becomes even worse when we don’t know how to remove them from the blacklist. Therefore, in this blog, you will see how to unblock someone on Gmail.

Here. I will tell you how to do it on your mobile device, and on your desktop as well.

Steps To Do It On Desktop

Once the Gmail login is done, on the right side of your desktop or PC screen, you may see the gear icon. It is the “Settings” option for this email account. Click here.
Now, there, you may see the option “Filter and Blocked Address” Tab. You have to click on it.

After that, you have scroll down the screen, and at the very bottom, you may find various email addresses that you may have blocked.
Now, tick the checkboxes near all those addresses that you wanna unblock. You can select multiple addresses as well.
After that, you have to click on “Unblock Selected Address”.

Steps To Do It On Mobile

Open the official app, and do the login.
After that, you have to type the email address of the user in your mail search box of the app. Start the search.

After that, once you find the email that you wanna unblock, open one of the messages that you may have received from there.
Now, on the message page, you may see the three horizontal dots. Click on it.
Doing it, will take you to a new menu bar, and there, you may find the option “Unblock”. Press it.

After that, you may have to confirm your decision. Once your decision is confirmed, you will get that the account will not be blocked anymore.
If you wanna block someone on the Email service, then, it is also quite easy. The steps required are almost the same. The only change that you have to do is to choose the Block option, and you will see how easy it is to block someone here.


If these steps are making you confused, then, it’s good to take the support from the Gmail Customer support. They will guide you properly that how to unblock someone on Gmail. Their Technical team will help you not only against this problem but against all Google problems as well. Once anyone from the tech support side picks up your call, you just have to share your issue with them, and then, you will see how easily they troubleshoot the glitch for you.

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